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  • 8.10.16


    Dear Friends,
    On Sunday the 16th of October, I will be unveiling (or daybooing, if you prefer) a collection of new work at an exhibition called 'Becoming: Adventures in Growing Up', taking place in the Galway Arts Centre, Dominick St., Galway.

    The exhibition is part of the BaborĂ³ International Arts Festival and will consist of a selection of new and original drawings and paintings. It opens at 5pm, everyone is welcome. All the work will be also be posted to to the shop on this website and to my Facebook page at 5 on Sunday.

    The exhibition will also feature some sculptural pieces by Louise Manifold and an animation by Pawel Kleszczewski and Kasia Zimnoch.

    There might be wine.

  • 16.9.16


    A huge thank you to everyone who bought pictures during my Sale of Works yesterday, I was quite overwhelmed by the reaction, and apologies to the people who missed out on things they wanted, many of the pieces sold in the first few minutes.
    It has almost been a complete sell out, but here are a small number of pictures left. The sale will continue until 6 today, and the few remaining works can be viewed by clicking 'Aquire' in the menu at the top

    Alan Clarke

  • 15.9.16

    Sale of Works

    Commencing 6 pm

    Dear Friends, from 6pm today, I am holding a special Sale of Works. I am offering over 30 paintings and drawings, all original works, for greatly reduced prices. Details for each piece, will be posted HERE at 6 o'clock sharp.. Many of these works will be priced at less than half their true value, but this sale will only last for 24 hours after which any remaining pieces will return to their usual prices.

    Work will be sold on a first come first served basis. I regret that I cannot reserve work without full payment on this occasion.

    please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries,

    Kind regards,

    Alan Clarke
    (please note: this sale is taking place online only)

  • 14.9.16


    Commencing tomorrow at 6pm, I will be having a Sale of Works. Approximately 30 drawings and painting will be on sale at greatly discounted prices. The sale will last for 24 hours only and take place through the shop on this website, where I will post clear images of each piece along with dimensions, media and prices.

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  • 12.9.16

    This is a sneak preview of a Chrstmas Card I have just finished for Amnesty Ireland. It will be on available soon.

  • 25.8.16

    A work in progress...